The Center for Career and Calling is wholeheartedly committed to supporting our diverse student population in defining their career goals and objectives as they relate to future employment and graduate school opportunities. We will continue to make it a priority to address the implicit bias that occurs in the recruiting and hiring process across all industries, and to find ways to better support our students in their planning for after graduation. As an office, we will:

  • Continue to sponsor professional development opportunities for our students.
  • Review our materials to ensure they utilize inclusive language.
  • Encourage enrollment in the Saints Promise program to promote upward social mobility of our students and graduates.
  • Work with our employers to educate and provide resources on anti-racist, anti-discriminatory hiring practices, as well as how to address implicit bias in their workplaces.

Career planning begins with the student’s entering year at Saint Martin’s and continues through graduation. The center’s services are available to all students at the University’s main campus and its extension campuses. Alumni are welcome to use the Center for Career and Calling for all services. 

In addition to the Center for Career and Calling, we now have the Internship Hub open for students in Harned Hall 113 to get help in finding, applying, and securing internships & jobs!

Make an appointment through Handshake to get help with resume writing, mock interviews, job & internship searches, etc.